Cabergoline Caber 81409-90-7 Muscle Gaining 99% Purity Steroid Powder

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Product Name: Cabergoline CAS: 81409-90-7
Appearance: White Powder Usage: Muscle Gaining
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Quick Details

Name Cabergoline
Alias Dostinex
CAS 81409-90-7
MF C26H37N5O2
MW 451.6
Molecular structure Cabergoline Caber 81409-90-7 Muscle Gaining 99% Purity Steroid Powder 0
Melting Point 102-104℃
Chemical properties

Cabergoline is a white powder soluble in ethyl alcohol,

chloroform, and DMF, and insoluble in water

Cabergoline Caber 81409-90-7 Muscle Gaining 99% Purity Steroid Powder 1





Product name Cabergoline CAS No.: 81409-90-7
Appearance  White or almost white crystalline powder Complies
Identification  IR; X-ray; HPLC. Complies
Loss on drying  NMT 0.5% 0.3%
Residue on ignition  NMT 0.10% 0.04%
Bulk density  0.20 ~ 0.35g/cm 3 0.33 g/cm 3
Optical rotation  -77.0 o ~ -83.0 o -78.0 o
Acetone  NMT 200ppm 12ppm
Tert-butyl methyl ether : NMT 200ppm 8ppm
Xylene  NMT 1500ppm 120ppm
Heptane  NMT 1000ppm 15ppm
Particle size  90% of particle size NMT 80 µ m Complies
Total impurities  NMT 0.50% 0.16%
Cabergoline Imp A  NMT 0.15% 0.04%
Allyl amide NMT 0.10% 0.02%
Allyl DHLA  NMT 0.15% 0.05%
Cabergoline oxide  NMT 0.10% 0.04%
Other individual impurities  NMT 0.10% 0.03%
Heavy metals  NMT 20ppm 2ppm
Assay (on dry matter)  98.0% ~ 102.0% 99.8%




        The biggest reason why Cabergoline is admired by amateur and professional athletes is because it helps them reduce or eliminate the risks associated with excess prolactin that is common with use of harsh and aromatizable steroids like and Deca Durabolin. Furthermore, this drug is also useful for treating sexual dysfunction caused by excess prolactin besides gaining an erection between orgasms and reducing recovery time after intense workouts or weight training and strength training exercises. In addition to these advantages, the use of Dostinex is equally beneficial to combat estrogenic side effects such as oily skin, acne, gynecomastia, and bloating and treating health complications like galactorrhea and sexual dysfunction. It is also routinely indicated to patients with Parkinson's disease as it has the potential to work on information pathways and nervous system of the body. Dostinex is also admired for its ability to make athletes feel 'full' that helps in minimizing food cravings without dieting discomfort.





        Cabergoline is used to treat different types of medical problems that occur when too much of the Hormone prolactin is produced. It can be used to treat certain menstrual problems, fertility problems. In men and women, and pituitary prolactinomas (tumors of the pituitary gland). It works by stopping. The brain from making and releasing the prolactin hormone from the pituitary


        Cabergoline use is usually stopped when prolactin levels are normal for 6 months. It may be given again if symptoms of too much prolactin occur again. Originally introduced by the anti-aging community to the bodybuilding world, this dopamine receptor agonist has the chemical name of 1-[(6-allylergolin-8? -yl)-carbonyl]-1-[3-(dimethylamino) propyl]-3-ethylurea and tablets of this drug include 0.5 mg of cabergoline and the list of inactive ingredients includes leucine, USP, lactose, and NF.

        Dostinex, also called cabergoline (or just caber), is a dopamine agonist drug used in medicine, which is also popular in the bodybuilding world, where it is used to keep prolactin low during steroid cycles. Medically, it is used in males with hyperprolactinemia, reduced sperm production, impotency, and low sex drive.


        Cabergoline is a dopamine agonist designed to reduce prolactin. In medical circles it is commonly used to combat prolactinomas, a benign tumor of the pituitary gland that may cause an excess production of prolactin. It is also used by athletes who supplement with anabolic steroids that may increase prolactin levels such as Nandrolone and Trenbolone.




Half-life and Dosages


        As mentioned beforehand, cabergoline blows away bromocriptine because it has a much longer half-life of 3 days vs. 12 hours. This is why the medical community prefers it and so should you. Many guys complain that caber is expensive, this is more due to ignorance on their part. Most bodybuilders don't understand that you only need to take it twice a week and the dosage can be very low. I recommend a quarter mg (0.25mgs) per dose, which is fairly moderate. Caber is a very potent drug and should be run very conservatively, make sure you know what you're doing with it.



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Cabergoline Caber 81409-90-7 Muscle Gaining 99% Purity Steroid Powder 2

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