Weight Loss White Powder Methyl Synephrine HCL / Methyl Synephrine Hydrochloride CAS 7437-54-9 With Factory Price

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Place of Origin: CHINA
Brand Name: TINGYI
Certification: GMP , ISO 9001:2008
Model Number: 7437-54-9
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Product Name: Methyl Synephrine Hydrochloride CAS: 7235-40-7
Appearance: White Powder Shipping Method: EMS, HKEMS, FEDEX, DHL, UPS, Aramex, ETC
MF: C10H16ClNO2 MW: 217.69254
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Weight Loss White Powder Methyl Synephrine HCL / Methyl Synephrine Hydrochloride CAS 7437-54-9 With Factory Price





Weight Loss White Powder Methyl Synephrine HCL / Methyl Synephrine Hydrochloride CAS 7437-54-9 With Factory Price 0





Synonyms:4-HYDROXYEPHEDRINE HYDROCHLORIDE, 99+%;(R*,R*)-(±)-4-hydroxy-alpha-[1-(methylamino)ethyl]benzyl alcohol hydrochloride ;rac-4-[(1R*,2R*)-1-Hydroxy-2-(methylamino)propyl]phenol·hydrochloride;METHYLSYNEPHRINE HCL(P);DL-1-(4-Hydroxyphenyl)-2-methyl-2-methylaminoethanol hydrochloride;4-(1-Hydroxy-2-(MethylaMino)propyl)phenol hydrochloride


Melting point:209 °C





1. Methyl synephrine HCl (methylsynephrine hcl), can promote thermogenesis, have appetite suppressant effect, and no side effects.

2. Methyl synephrine does not cause arrhythmia problems and will not cause constipation problem.

3. Methyl synephrine, have a role on alpha receptors, and constriction of blood vessels, elevation of blood pressure, and dilatation of the trachea and bronchus.

4. Methyl synephrine is a novel stimulant in twenty-first Century, without any side effects and reactions, is widely used in food, beverage industry, the demand and value of methyl synephrine will be doubled.

5. Foreign study found methyl synephrine has boosted, anti shock effect, but also have the following effects: increase metabolism, increase calorie consumption, increase basal metabolic rate, fat oxidation, and so on.

6. The effect of Methyl synephrine is stronger than synephrine hydrochloride.


1. synephrine hydrochloride providing an energy boost, suppressing appetite

2. synephrine hydrochloride increasing metabolic rate and caloric expenditure

3. synephrine hydrochloride causes the breakdown of fat without affecting blood pressure or heart rate

4. synephrine hydrochloride treat chest congestion and indigestion

5. synephrine hydrochloride stimulate gastrointestinal functions, and improve circulatory and
liver functions.



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