Muscle Injectable Steroids Testosterone Cypionate 250mg/Ml for Gain Muscle

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Other Name: Test Cyp MF: C27H40O3
MW: 412.6 EINECS: 200-368-4
MP: 98°C~104°C Stroage Temp: 2-8°C
Appearance: White Powder
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Cook Conversion Injectable Anabolic Steroids Testosterone Cypionate 250 mg/ml CAS 58-20-8 for Gain Muscle and Enhance Immune System.

Testosterone cypionate is the most popular and most used testosterone. Cypionate, like enatanthe, is an oil-dissolved injectable form of testosterone with strong androgenic and anabolic ef-fects. It aromatizes quite easily which means that the conversion rate to estrogen, similar to enanthate's, is relatively high. Several athletes are of the opinion that cypionate stores more water in the body than enantathe does. The muscle buildup during the applica-tion along with the inevitable loss of strength and muscle mass af-ter discontinuing use of one product, are the same with the other. Testosterone cypionate can be combined with many steroids and thus making it an excellent mass steroid. As with enanthate the dosage range is 250-1000 mg/week although several athletes inject megadoses.
Testosterone 250 USP injection provides testosterone cypionate, a derivative of the principal endogenous androgen testosterone, for intramuscular administration. The esterification of the 17 - beta - hydroxyl group increases the duration of the action of testosterone. Testosterone esters in oil injected intramuscularly are absorbed slowly from the lipid phase, thus Testosterone 250 can be administered at intervals of 2-3 weeks.
Testosterone 250 contains testosterone cypionate in a 10ml solution for injection (250mg testosterone cypionate / ml).
Testosterone 250 is a clear, yellowish oily solution for intramuscular injection.

Product name: Testosterone Cypionate 250mg/ml
Other name: Primoteston Depot; Androtardyl; Atlatest
CAS register number: 58-20-8
EINECS: 200-368-4
Molecular formula: C27H40O3
Molecular weight: 412.61
Specification: 20ml @ 250mg/ml
Specification: USP28

Increases in muscle mass and strength can all be readily achieved far beyond what you can obtain without. As a both highly anabolic and androgeniccompound Test-Cypionate greatly increases nitrogen in the muscle tissue thereby allowing more protein to be stored; further, Test-Cypionate will greatly protect the body from muscle destroying hormones known as glucocorticoid hormones which are extremely catabolic. If that's not enough the benefits go even deeper; because the testosterone hormone increases IGF-1 in the body we thereby increase the total anabolic activity within the body when testosterone levels are increased; and then it again continues to get even better. Because testosterone binds so efficiently to the androgen receptors which aids in muscle gain it further aids in fat loss as well as repair of muscles once damaged from the stress of training.

2)Side Effects
Test-Cypionate does carry the possibility of negative side-effects. The negative side-effects are often dose dependent, meaning, the higher the dose the greater the risk but some will take this risk as a higher dose will yield greater results. Estrogen conversion of the hormone is a very real thing and most users of the hormone will be best served by taking precaution. As the conversion to estrogen can lead to aromatizing effects, if we supplement our use with a good aromatase inhibitor we can often reverse these effects and enjoy use without any problems. Such problems can include excess water retention, Gynecomastia, high blood pressure and high cholesterol to name a few. It should be noted, that while proper use is very important, proper and healthynutrition can greatly lend to keeping your blood pressure and cholesterol in line.

Cook Conversion Recipes
Test Cypionate 5 gram conversion 20ml @ 250mg/ml
5 grams test cyp
1ml Benzyl Alcohol = 5% BA
15.25 ml sesame oil

Test Cypionate 10 gram conversion 40ml @ 250mg/ml
10 grams test cyp
2ml Benzyl Alcohol = 5% BA
30.5 ml sesame oil

60ml @ 250mg/ml
Test Cypionate Powder: 15 grams
42.7 ml grapeseed oil
2.8 ml 5% BA

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