High Purity Effective Diuretic Furosemide / Lasix 99% Raw Material Powder

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Product Name: Furosemide Other Name: Lasix
MF: C12H11ClN2O5S MW: 330.74
EINECS: 200-203-6 Usage: Diuretic
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pharmaceutical active ingredients


pharmaceutical anabolic steroids

High Purity Effective Diuretic Furosemide / Lasix 99% Raw Material Powder 0




Product Information:


Product Name: Furosemide



furfurylamino-4-chloro-5-sulfamoylbenzoic acid;4-CHLORO-N-FURFURYL-5-







CAS: 54-31-9

MF: C12H11ClN2O5S

MW: 330.74

EINECS: 200-203-6

Product Categories: Organics;Intermediates & Fine Chemicals;Pharmaceuticals;API's;Ion


transporter and other ion channel;GABA;Aromatics;Heterocycles;Sulfur & Selenium


Compounds;API;LASIX;Other APIs


Chemical Properties:

Melting point 220 °C (dec.)(lit.)

density 1.606

Fp 11 °C

storage temp. 2-8°C

Water Solubility Soluble in acetone, DMF or methanol. Slightly soluble in water

Merck 14,4309

Stability: Stable, but light sensitive, air sensitive and hygroscopic. Incompatible with strong


oxidizing agents.




Safety Information:

Hazard Codes T,F,Xi

Risk Statements 61-39/23/24/25-23/24/25-11-36/37/38

Safety Statements 7-16-36/37-45-53-36/37/39-22-36-26

RIDADR UN 1230 3/PG 2

WGK Germany 3

RTECS CB2625000


Usage And Synthesis:

Efficient diuretics Furosemide, is a class of efficient sulfonamide diuretics acting on the


medullary loop of the ascending branch of the medulla,it has a strong and short-term diuretic


effect,which can increase the excretion of water, sodium, chloride, potassium, calcium,


magnesium, phosphate and so on. It Mainly inhibits Na + and Cl-reabsorption in medullary and


cortex of the medullary loop ascending branch crude segment , it can promote the excretion of


sodium, chloride and potassium and affect the formation of renal medullary high osmotic


pressure,it can interfer the process of concentration and dilution of urine, and it can increase


urine output. This product can inhibit the activity of prostaglandin decomposition enzyme ,make


the content of prostaglandin E2 increase,it has effect on expansion of blood vessels, it also plays


a role in the proximal tubule, glomerular filtration,it can increase renal blood flow,and adjust renal


blood flow distribution,and reduce blood flow so that the cortex surface blood flow increases,it


promotes diuresis, its effect is fast and strong, it is used for other diuretics invalid cases.


Clinically it is used for the treatment of cardiac edema, renal edema, cirrhosis ascitic fluid,


peripheral edema caused by dysfunction or vascular disorders , and it may contribute to an upper


urinary tract stones excretion. Administration intravenously can treat brain edema, it also can


accelerate the excretion of toxic substances in cerebral edema in poisoning . Note that when the


diuretic furosemide is used, since the excretion of urine Cl-, Na +, K +, H + is increasing, while


the excretion of HCO3-is not increasing, long-term repeated drug use or large quantities of drugs


can cause low salt syndrome, low chlorine and low potassium alkalosis.

In recent years, researchers find that inhalation of furosemide can have a significant effect on


asthma, it is like cromolyn sodium, which through inhibition of allergic mediator release, it can


inhibit the release of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine and substance P, which may be related to


inhibiting chloride ions into the cell membranes of respiratory tract. Clinically,it is used in


exercise-induced asthma, immediate and delayed type antigen-induced asthma.


Chemical properties white or white alike crystalline powder. 206 ℃ melting point. Dissolved in


acetone, methanol, dimethyl formamide, slightly soluble in ethanol, insoluble in water. Odorless,


almost tasteless.


Uses The diuretic effect of this product is a strong and short,it is a potent diuretic for the treatment


of edema caused by heart, liver, kidney and other diseases, in particular, the base cases which


other diuretics are invalid to;it can be used to treat acute pulmonary edema, brain edema , acute


renal failure and high blood pressure and other diseases; in combination with fluid infusion, the


product can promote poison excretion. Rat oral LD50 is 2600-2820mg/kg.

production method 2,4-dichlorobenzoic acid (see 12740) by sulfochlorination,ammoniation,


acidification ,dichloro-5-sulfamoyl-benzoic acid is obtained. Then after condensation with the


chaff amine , furosemide is produced.


Category Toxic substances

Toxicity grading Middle toxic

Acute toxicity Oral-rat LD50: 2600 mg/kg; Oral-Mouse LD50: 2200 mg/kg.

Flammability and hazard characteristics Combustible; fire decomposition produces toxic


nitrogen oxides; sulfur oxides and chlorides smoke.

Storage Characteristics Ventilated, low-temperature ,dry storeroom.

Extinguishing agent Water, carbon dioxide, dry powder,sandy soil.

Chemical Properties white to light yellow crystal powde

Uses diuretic, antihypertensive

Uses Furosemide inhibits ion co-transport in the kidney. Furosemide is used as a diuretic.

Uses This compound belongs to the aminobenzenesulfonamides. These are organic compounds


containing a benzenesulfonamide moiety with an amine group attached to the benzene ring.

Uses An inhibitor of NKCC and a GABAA receptor antagonist.

General Description Odorless white to slightly yellow crystalline powder. A diuretic drug. Almost



Air & Water Reactions Light sensitive. Air sensitive. Slightly soluble in water.

Reactivity Profile Furosemide may undergo hydrolysis at sufficiently low pH. The pH of aqueous


solutions should be maintained in the basic range to prevent hydrolysis. Alcohol has been shown


to improve the stability of Furosemide. Incompatible with strong oxidizing agents .

Fire Hazard Flash point data for Furosemide are not available; however, Furosemide is probably



Biological Activity Loop diuretic that inhibits the Na + /2Cl - /K + (NKCC) cotransporter. Also acts


as a non-competitive antagonist at GABA A receptors with ~ 100-fold greater selectivity for α 6-


containing receptors than α 1-containing receptors.




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