99% High Assay Nootropic Noopept Powder CAS: 157115-85-0 Pharmaceutical Grade

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Model Number: 157115-85-0
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Product Name: Noopept Synonyms: SGS-111
CAS: 157115-85-0 MF: C17H22N2O4
MW: 318.37 EINECS: 1592732-453-0
Melting Point: 94.0 To 98.0 °C
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99% High Assay Nootropic Noopept Powder CAS: 157115-85-0 Pharmaceutical Grade 0



Noopept   CAS: 157115-85-0




Quick Details:

Product Name: Noopept
Synonyms: ethyl 2-[[(2S)-1-(2-phenylacetyl)pyrrolidine-2-carbonyl]amino]acetate;N-(1-

(Phenylacetyl)-L-prolyl)glycine ethyl ester;Noopept;(S)-ethyl 2-(1-(2-phenylacetyl)

pyrrolidine-2-carboxaMido)acetate;SGS 111;SGS111;SGS-111;1-(2-Phenylacetyl)-L-prolylglycine

Ethyl Ester
CAS: 157115-85-0
MF: C17H22N2O4
MW: 318.37
EINECS: 1592732-453-0
Product Categories: pharmaceutical intermediate and medicine grade
Melting point: 94.0 to 98.0 °C



What is Noopept ?
Noopept, a strong cognitive enhancer, was developed in Russia in the early 2000s for the

treatment of alcohol induced brain damage. A mind-turning supplement, Noopept is a powerful

substance which is able to cross the blood brain barrier. It works primarily by binding to

glutamate receptors and exerting strong neuroprotective effects on the brain. Its high

bio-availability also means it is fast acting and may have a cumulative effect.
While it is most well known as a brain supplement, Noopept also increases coordination and

improves mood. It is able to help fight fatigue and avoid caffeine withdrawals with no

noticeable side effects. It makes a great study aid, since it will not cause insomnia. Some

research also indicates that this supplement may help to prevent oxidization damage to the

brain. It also works to treat alcohol related brain damage (this was actually the original

purpose for its development).



1. Noopept is used to increase concentration, enhance learning capacity and to hone

reasoning skills. For some people, Noopept also offers heightened perceptual awareness.

2. Choline supplementation is combined with Noopept to potentiate its function in the brain

and to reduce onset of headache sometimes brought on through acetylcholine fatigue. Choline

has been reported by some to have positive effects on mood.

3. Noopept and Choline work well together to enhance mental clarity, increase both short-

and long-term memory, clear brain fog and give the user an overall cognitive boost.


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