Dioxopromethaxine HCL Dioxopromethaxine Hydrochloric 13754-56-8 Quick Effect

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Model Number: 13754-56-8
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Product Name: Dioxopromethaxine HCL CAS: 13754-56-8
Appearance: White Powder Usage: Nervous System Drug
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Basic Information

Product Name Dioxopromethaxine HCL
CAS 13754-56-8
Purity 99%
Molecular Formula C17H17ClN2O2S
Molecular Weight 458.93
Molecular Structure Dioxopromethaxine HCL Dioxopromethaxine Hydrochloric 13754-56-8 Quick Effect 0
Payment Method Western Union, Bank Transfer, MoneyGram, Bitcoin, Litecoin





Dioxpromazine hydrochloride is a derivative of promethazine with strong histamine H1 receptor blocking effect, which can resist the histamine-induced vasoconstriction of isolated bronchus and gastrointestinal smooth muscle and in vivo bronchospasm. It can partially counteract hypotension caused by intravenous histamine; this product can directly inhibit the cough center, also has strong antitussive and expectorant effects, can inhibit the cough caused by citric acid aerosol inhalation in guinea pigs, and can also improve electricity. Stimulates the cough threshold of the vagus nerve of the guinea pig; this product can also significantly improve the immune function of the patient, and also has certain anti-inflammatory effects, local anesthetic effect and central sedative effect.





Promethazine hydrochloride is a promethazine derivative, Histamine H1 receptor has a strong block, histamine can cause resistance to ex vivo bronchial, gastrointestinal smooth muscle spasm contraction and in vivo bronchospasm, also Can partially antagonize the hypotension produced by intravenous injection of histamine; This product can directly inhibit the cough center, also has a strong antitussive, expectorant effect, can inhibit guinea pigs caused by citric acid inhalation cough, but also increase electricity Stimulate guinea pig vagus nerve cough threshold; This product can also significantly improve the patient's immune function, but also have some anti-inflammatory effects, local anesthesia and central sedation .




Dioxopromethaxine Hydrochloride Usage

Dioxopromethaxine Hydrochloride For acute and chronic bronchitis and antitussive and asthma, expectorant, anti-biliary and local anesthetic effect, strong antitussive effect. Clinically used for antitussive, expectorant, for acute and chronic bronchitis and cough caused by various diseases caused by cough disease.




Dioxopromethaxine Hydrochloride Dosage

Adult dosage, oral: 5-10mg / time, 2-3 times a day, the amount of 10mg / times, 3 times a day, granules orally. 1 ~ 2 years old 1/2 bags, 3 to 4 years old a bag, 5 to 6 years old 1.5 bags, 2 times a day.





Product Name

Dioxopromethaxine Hydrochloride


13754-56-8 Outer Packing 25KG

Standard Adopted

Enterprise Standard

Items of Analysis

Specification Results
Appearance White to Light Yellow Powder or Crystalline Powder Slightly Yellow Crystalline Powder

Absorption coefficient

350~370 359


PH4.2-5.1 4.87


≤0.025% Conform

Dry Weight Loss

≤0.5% 0.07%

Residue on Ignition

≤0.1% 0.05%


(C17H20N2O2S·HCl)≥99.0% 99.4%



Dioxopromethaxine HCL Dioxopromethaxine Hydrochloric 13754-56-8 Quick Effect 1



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