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Other Name: Andriol MF: C30H48O3
MW: 456.7 EINECS: 227-712-6
MP: 59-61°C Storage Temp: -20°C Freezer
Appearance: White Solid
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testosterone base powder


testosterone anabolic steroid


Safe & Effective Long Ester Steroid Testosterone Undecanoate Raw White Solid




Testosterone undecanoate is a male sex hormone. It works by replacing or supplementing the


testosterone that is naturally made in the body.

Andriol is a unique oral testosterone product, developed by the international drug firm Organon.


One of the more recently developed anabolic steroids.

One might also pay interest to the "mildness" of this compound as described by other


bodybuilding materials. Andriol is often spoken about as some type of magic product, which to


spite being a form of regular testosterone somehow allows for only minimal estrogen conversion.


Athletes typically find that in doses of less than 240mg per day (6 capsules) effects are generally


not seen at all. 240mg of testosterone ester daily, the primary male androgen, and only a meager


effect. When doses go higher, maybe 8-10 capsules (320-400mg), new muscle growth is slight to


moderate at best, but no incredible bulky gains are ever reported.


In some instances this stress can lead to actual damage to liver tissues, so the designers of this


steroid sought another way to protect the testosterone molecule. With Andriol, this was


accomplished by making a form of testosterone that would be absorbed through the lymphatic


system. This is due to its high fat solubility brought about by the ester, and its suspension in oil.


Having the compound absorbed this way was thought to be very advantageous, as it allows the


steroid to bypass the destructive first-pass through liver. This should permit the compound to


enter the blood stream intact, without the need for a harsh chemical alteration. The ester breaks


off once it is in circulation of course, yielding free active Pharmacokinetics of Oral Testosterone.


In design this steroid appears to be undecanoate that of a completely liver safe and orally active


form of testosterone.


Lab Test Result:


Long Ester Testosterone Raw Powder , Safe & Effective Testosterone Undecanoate Powder 0




Testosterone undecanoate or testosterone undecylate is an ester of testosterone which is used


for the treatment of male hypogonadism, and is currently under research for use as a male


contraceptive, testosterone undecanoate is sold and distributed under the brand names


Andriol, understor, nebido, pantestone, restandol.


Andriol is a version of the anabolic steroid testosterone undecanoatedeveloped by the


pharmaceutical company organon, testosterone is said to enter the body as a fat through the


lymphatic system, experience from user indicates that in dose of less than 240mg per day,


effects are negligible, except at every onset of use, while even in higher dose, effects are


still minimal, testosterone undecanoate is therefor thought that most of the steroid is


somehow not making it into the blood stream.




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