Bodybuilding Anabolic Drostanolone Steroids Trestolone Raw Powder CAS 3764-87-2

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Product Name: Trestolone MF: C19H28O2
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        Top Grade Muscle Building Steroid Trestolone Raw Powder With Strong Effects
Trestolone is a synthetic anabolic compound that is said to be ten times as equally powerful as
testosterone. It has developed quite a stir in recent years due to its potency.
Trestolone is a synthetic androgen believed to be exceptionally potent in the body. It offers a
speedier metabolic clearance rate than testosterone, does not bind to SHBG (sex hormone
binding globulin)  and does not aromatize. Trestolone is an excellent substitute for those who are
serious in achieving an aesthetic physique. With quick and effective results in no time, it is no
wonder many bodybuilders and weight trainers are giving it a try.
How Does It Work ?
Trestolone is most effective if you want to bulk as it helps you build up lean muscle mass while
minimizing body fat at the same time. It can also be taken with other enhancers to achieve
optimal results when you want to cut or harden your body’s physique.
For beginners: Trestolone must be taken no more than 50 mg per day for 4 weeks upon rising
and before bedtime to ensure significant gains of approximately 20 pounds as well as a boost in
strength levels within 3 months.
For advanced users: You may take 75 mg to 100 mg a day following these intervals:
A.M. – 25 mg
Post-workout: 25 mg to 50 mg
P.M. – 25 mg
*Trestolone can be taken in oral, transdermal and injectable forms.
*Injectable form is the best delivery method for this anabolic compound
*Make sure to FOLLOW the suggested dosage to reduce unwanted side effects and achieve
maximum results
Bodybuilding Anabolic Drostanolone Steroids Trestolone Raw Powder CAS 3764-87-2 0
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