Muscle Gain Steroid Trestolone Acetate Ment Raw Powder With Quick Effects CAS 6157-87-5

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Other Name: Ment , Ment Ace MF: C21H30O3
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muscle growth steroids

      Muscle Growth Steroid Trestolone Acetate / Ment Raw Powder With Quick Effects
Chemically speaking, trestolone acetate(MENT) actually an alright looking drug. It doesn't show
much interaction with Sex Hormone Binding Globulin, which means that a good portion ought to
stay unbound and active in the blood. Also, the drug is a potent binder to the androgen receptor,
while showing minimal affinity for the progesterone and mineralocorticoid receptors respectively.
Since it is not able to be 5a-reduced into a dihydro-version, it likely wouldn't cause many of the
side effects commonly associated with Dihydrotestosterone. This is also a likely reason that it is
less apt to cause prostate enlargement, and may even be indicated for the treatment of specific
prostate issues.
About Trestolone Acetate :
When reviewing the response of those who use Trestolone Acetate, the response is
overwhelmingly positive. As a whole, users note an increase in core temperature from the onset,
suggesting that this anabolic steroid gets to work with short-term results. Those who are looking
for noticeable effects have actually seen a difference in their physique within the first week of
regular use.
They become lean quickly, cutting out the fat, while muscle mass is enhanced. Trestolone Acetate
users can benefit from a short period of use in as little as two weeks. Otherwise, they can stay the
course for six to ten weeks to see maximum results. Listen to satisfied enthusiasts and many
consider this anabolic steroid to be their favorite, their steroid of choice when it comes to
maximizing their workout and potential.
User Feedback :
The injectable form of Trestolone Acetate is considered the best delivery method for this anabolic
steroid while oral forms will produce the least satisfactory results. It should be noted that dosage
is key. Anyone who uses Trestolone Acetate should follow all dosage instructions to the letter in
order to stave off negative effects. Proper dosage will also bring about the most effective results
when used consistently over a prolonged period of time.
MENT is a versatile anabolic that should be cycled with a testosterone like propionate, cypionate,
and enanthate. MENT cutting cycles can contain any of the traditional definition compounds such
as Anavar, Primobolan, Oral Turinabol, and Winstrol. When added to mass building cycles, which
should also be testosterone based, some of the compounds that stack well include Dianabol,
Halotestin, Anadrol,Trenbolone, and Equipoise.
Trestolone Acetate  VS  Trenbolone
Trestolone Acetate is hands down the stronger compound, with scientific evidence and anecdotal
support. Trestolone Acetate has a 540:840 ratio when compared to methyltestosterone, meaning
it is at least 5 times as androgenic and at least 8 times as anabolic. Intramuscularly, it is
2300:650. Trenbolone is 500:500.
Muscle Gain Steroid Trestolone Acetate Ment Raw Powder With Quick Effects CAS 6157-87-5 0


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