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Other Name: Norandrostenolone MF: C18H26O2
MW: 274.4 EINECS: 207-101-0
MP: 120-125°C Storage Temp: 2-8°C
Appearance: White Crystalline Solid Storage Temp: -20°C Freezer
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Steroid Hormone Powder Nandrolone Base / Norandrostenolone Powder





Nandrolone is also called Norandrostenolone, it is an anabolic steroid which occurs naturally in


the human body, but only in tiny quantities. It is very similar in structure to the male hormone


testosterone, and has many of the same effects in terms of increasing muscle mass. Also,it is


being actively examined in clinical tests as a possible treatment for wasting diseases, and to


strengthen and increase body tissue and musculature in HIV infected men. In this form it is usually


injected in its decanoate form, after first being dissolved in a suitable edible oil.




The common idea is that Norandrostenolone; is a great bulking steroid and the truth is it is a


fantastic bulking steroid. But for many steroid users that's where it ends, and the truth is it doesn't


have to and often shouldn't. A key point any steroid user must understand is that a steroid's


quality is not merely based on how much mass it can help you obtain. There are numerous


positive effects a steroid can bring, and if mass promotion is the only one you ever shoot for you


may very well shortchange yourself.


For the off-season athlete Norandrostenolone; is often a staple and one of the best choices he


can make. Increases in mass will not occur at a rapid rate, and that will remain true even if using a


short ester version. You're not going to gain 20-30lbs of mass in 4 weeks as you might with


Oxymetholone, but you will gain quality mass and quite a bit over time, not the sloppy mass often


seen in rapid acting mass builders. Strength should also increase to a degree, although this


steroid isn't well known for being a strong strength promoter. For the off-season athlete he will


also enjoy the recovery and therapeutic benefits that are provided. This is important as off-


season training is normally the time when the heaviest weights are used. The user will also find


that he should be able to gain more size with less body fat than he would without Nandrolone.



Medical Use: 


Nutritional deficiencies and weight abnormal losing of elders. And also for people


who have severe burnt and undergone surgery.


Sporting Use:


Promoting growth of muscle, increasing training endurance and training loading.

Nandrolone combined with hormone , especially the mineralocorticoid can increase the risk of


edema. When combined with dicoumarol or indandione derivative, should reduce the dose.


Because reduce the concentration of coagulation factor precursor by androgen and protein


anabolic steroids, the anticoagulant and receptor affinity added.



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