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Product Name: Oxytocin Other Name: A-HYPOPHAMINE
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High Purity Hasten Parturition Peptide Oxytocin (2 mg/Vial) Pharmaceutical Grade 




Oxytocin is also called Pitocin, is a kind of uterine contraction medicine, can be extracted from


animal posterior pituitary or chemical synthesis, chemical synthesis including on vasopressin, no


booster effect, selective excitate uterine smooth muscle, strengthen its contracting, uterus is most


sensitive to oxytocin (estrogen secretion increase) when parturient , immature uterus have no


reactivity to this product, pregnancy early or middle uterine have low reactivity to oxytocin, late


pregnancy is gradually increased, and before the antepartum, the reactivity is the highest. Small


dose can strengthen the smooth muscle contraction rhythm at the bottom of the uterine, to


reinforce the contraction force, contraction frequency, shrinkage properties similar to those in


natural birth, and keep the polarity and symmetry, so the clinical used in hastening parturition,


inducing abortion.

Large dose make uterine muscle tetanic contraction, clinical to oppression blood vessels


between muscle fibers, to prevent and treatment of postpartum hemorrhage and postpartum


subinvolution, and has the effect to promote lactation, the breast duct contraction, prompting milk


from the breast, but cannot increase milk secretion, only can promote the milk. It is important to


strictly master the dose and dripping speed for hastening parturition or inducing abortion, lest


cause tetanic uterine contractions, killing fetal distress or uterine rupture. Every cephalopelvic


disproportion , malposition or other abnormality, it is forbidden , abnormal uterine contraction,


has a history of cesarean section and 3 or more times a multipara is forbidden .



In recent years, it is found that this product has good effect on pulmonary hemoptysis, and vagus


nerve after resection or relaxation of gastrointestinal function after abdominal surgery. This


product can absorb from the oral mucosa, and selectively acts on the smooth muscle of the


uterus, make uterine contractions. Apply to hastening parturition and slow painful. Effect is the


same as the static drops of oxytocin. For contracted pelvis, has a history of uterine surgery


(including cesarean section), pain excessive hyperfunction, birth canal obstruction, severe


placental abruption, maternal pregnancy poisoning are prohibited.


Common used with ergot preparations, treatment for postpartum hemorrhage; Inevitable


abortion; Mainly used in late pregnancy induced labor and intrapartum uterine contractions


fatigue caused by prolonged labor; Used for oxytocin sensitive test; Used for oxytocin irritability


test; Assist in postpartum milk discharge; Haemoptysis. Postoperative gastrointestinal peristalsis





Hasten Parturition Peptides Oxytocin For Muscle Growth Pharmaceutical Anabolic Steroids 0



Usage and dosage:

Odinopoeia or oxytocin intravenous drip, once the 2.5 - 5 units, with Sodium Chloride Injection


diluted to each 1ml contains 0.01 units. Intravenous drip of the beginning of every minute of not


more than 0.001 to 0.002 units, each 15 - 30 minutes increased 0.001 to 0.002 units, to achieve


the contractions and normal childbirth is similar, the fastest per minute of not more than 0.02


units, usually 0.002 to 0.005 units per minute.

Control postpartum hemorrhage per minute intravenous drip of 0.02 - 0.04 units, expulsion of the


placenta after intramuscular injection of 5 to 10 units.

Lactogenic just before a 2 - 3 minutes, with nasal drops a 3 drop, drop into one side or both


sides of the nostril.


Preparation and specification : oxytocin injection (1) 0.5ml:2.5 units (2) 1ml:5 (3) 1ml units 10



Oxytocin nasal drops 1ml:40 units. The induction of labor or prenatal uterine atony: in 2.5-5 units


in 500ml 5% glucose for intravenous drip slowly (10-30 drops / minute), maximum time 20 units.


(2). Prevention of postpartum hemorrhage: intramuscular injection of 5-10 on each unit, or 5%


glucose solution for intravenous drip.

The main contraindication, heart disease, a caesarean history and more than three fetal maternal







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